Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Sitting central among the eight Eiffel Towers on this quilt, and the 13 fleurs de lis, is a single Arc de Triomphe.

I found a sharp, straight-on image, then edited it to remove colour and further define the lines, printed it at the size I needed to fit into the feather wreath, then traced the lines I wanted to quilt. Then I traced it onto the quilt top. I chose to represent the main sculptures at the front with some feathers.

I think it's rather fitting that the arch in the middle of the enormous, busy Parisian roundabout is also in the middle of this enormous Paris-themed quilt.

This quilt is all but complete now, and I'm about to move back to the beach scene.


annmarie said...

Very creative - can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Frances Arnold said...

My family and I walked ALL the way around that traffic circle before we realized that there was an underground tunnel!!

Grit said...

Great idea. Looks wonderful.