Monday, 23 June 2014

Quilting up a storm

Last night I got busy and took some photos, them sandwiched the quilt and appliqued/quilted the palm trees and quilted all the sky before I finally crawled into bed. It had been raining most of the night, and then the thunder started with an enormous crash that I thought would wake James and Eleanor.

It's stormy again tonight, so I've decided to turn the machine off and have an early night rather than risk running it.

These photos are all prior to quilting. I love the way the palm tree print sits behind the appliqued palm trees.

One of the fish in the photo above is appliqued - can you tell which? The flash blew out the colours quite badly and I corrected them in Photoshop as much as possible, but this section still doesn't look quite right. I always find the water hardest to colour-match, and it's worse when I have to use flash.

I hope to get loads of quilting done tomorrow, and might finally get around to editing and sharing photos of the Paris quilt, too. Tuesdays are terrific!

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Aunt TC said...

The quilt is stunning!