Saturday, 21 June 2014

Paris and palms

The big Paris quilt is all done and I'll share photos tomorrow. For the last few evenings I've been madly piecing the beach scene, and tonight I've been appliqueing. The top itself is basically done, except the water is not yet joined to the sand and sky - while I'm appliqueing pieces to both, it's easiest to keep the background piece as small as possible. I added what I could to the beach (most of the applique details are on the beach, though there is a pair of hot air balloons in the sky, and an extra boat and fish in the water section) before joining it to the sky. But now I'm working on making a few palm trees which will overlap both, so I had to join them.

All the fusible web for the palm trunks and fronds I managed to cut from my bag of scrap pieces, which is always satisfying (and why they look to be such odd shapes!). They're all fused to the green and brown fabrics now, and I'm cutting the fiddly leaf shapes. I'll position and sew them on when I'm fresh in the morning.

Then, once the water is sewn to the sand I have a few more appliques to put on - they're too close to the shoreline to risk putting on first.

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Frances Arnold said...

I love your attention to detail with all of the appliques. It makes your quilts so interesting!!