Thursday, 5 June 2014


To try and manage my headaches, I've been working on 2 quilts simultaneously; the quilting job which isn't great on my neck and shoulders, and a new beach scene. Interspersed with the quilting, I've been drafting the design and preparing the foundations. But now that quilt's at the fabric selection stage... well, it's taking centre stage and not leaving room for much else!

This evening I worked right across the bottom of the quilt, building the reef base. This is the slowest part of the fabric selection, because there are so many colours and elements to blend together. Tomorrow evening should see the water level rise to the beach, and then I have what is effectively a 5-day weekend to bring the quilt to life.

Once the fabrics are selected, sewing them to the foundations is a relatively quick job. It's also a very rewarding one, as I see the careful positioning and cutting pay off.

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celkalee said...

I've heard it before and I'll say it again, you amaze me!