Friday, 3 October 2014

Lucky to be in Adelaide

This time every two years I say how lucky I am that the Australian Machine Quilting Festival is held right here in Adelaide. It brings fabulous national and international quilting teachers to my doorstep! The 3rd festival opened on Wednesday and today (Thursday) I took the day off work and went to a couple of classes - I have more in the next 2 days.

In the morning I went to a lecture/demo by the talented Judi Madsen from Green Fairy Quilts on the use of straight rulers. I'm definitely going to have to rig myself a foot that will work with rulers on my 820 (I've seen a few hacks) and get a quilting ruler and try it out. I really wish Bernina would make a free-motion foot for use with rulers. There was an opportunity to take photos of a few samples after the class, but it was very crowded, and silly me forgot my proper camera, so I just looked.

After lunch I had a break and enjoyed some quiet time reading by the Torrens. It really was lovely, with families out enjoying the parks in the holidays, the new footbridge in use and reflecting the sparkling water, Popeye and the paddle boats going past, and this local below who sat with me for about 5 minutes, before nearly clipping me with its wings as it flew off:

In the afternoon I went to a lecture/demo by Linda Taylor called Feathered Dreams. I was especially delighted to see Linda on the list of teachers, having discovered her back here, when I quilted this feathered quilt for a friend. Unfortunately scheduling clashes meant I could only fit in one of her classes, but I'm so glad I went; she's a brilliant teacher! Even with only my iphone, I couldn't help take a photo of this beauty she'd brought in, but how I wish I had my good camera to take a better photo of it!

(detail of quilt by Linda V Taylor)

I think I will have feathered dreams tonight! And tomorrow I will take my camera!

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Deb B said...

Hi! It's been a while since I've had a look at your blog hence going back as far as this post! I totally agree with you that both jammie wallen and linda V taylor are amaizing teachers. I've recently returned from housten where I had hands on classes with both. Inspirational! You may want to check out Dusty Farrell as well,quilting in the dark. I wish I had known about him before I went, Oh well, Next time!