Sunday, 19 October 2014

Possum mini-pattern

I recently had a request for my possum pattern and agreed to sell it with the purchased Winter Harvest/Seasonal Tree pattern. By the time I'd prepared it to a standard I was happy with, I realised I'd created a mini pattern! So I've decided to add it to my Etsy shop as a pattern sheet.

It's designed to be a companion piece to the tree pattern, but can be purchased separately.

Here are a few things to know about it:
  • It's a single A3 (roughly ledger size) page
  • Postage is free with any other item
  • It has the possum layout and pieces
  • It tells you what fabrics to use and what order to place the pieces
  • It tells you how to add the details to make it look like a cute possum
  • It even explains that it's an Australian possum and not an opossum!
  • BUT it does NOT cover standard fused applique procedure (that's covered in the tree pattern).
  • If you want to put the possum in the tree, you'll probably want to enlarge the tree by around 125% or more (and it's ok to have an enlargement photocopied for personal use).

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