Monday, 13 October 2014

Red and white

This weekend I've been working on another new quilt.

It's just a small one this time; a table runner for Australian Patchwork & Quilting. I had all the foundations ready to go and all the fabrics cut, including the border and binding.

Because of the white background, it was important to trim the dog-ears from the red pieces so they wouldn't show through the front of the quilt when it's done, so I had a pretty pile of  scraps on the table. Normally I chain-piece and don't end up with so many thread-ends, but to start with the seams on my foundations were only in the centre, so I had to pull each piece well through the back of  the machine before putting the next one in, leaving me with this big pile.

I had plenty of uninterrupted sewing time because Saturday was the start of the sailing season. A a couple of weeks ago Simon bought a third boat (this one for Eleanor), so the three of them were down at the sailing club for opening day all day. It needed a bit of superficial repair work first (above).

The blocks came together really nicely - until I realised I'd used the wrong colour in for one piece in two of them. It's a real pain going back and replacing pieces in foundation-pieced blocks after the fact. It can (usually) be done - and I did it - and I'm glad I did, but there were four-letter words said! I'll be extra-careful when I check the instructions now. The fun part comes next - quilting it.