Thursday, 30 October 2014

My view of the beach

My preferred view of the beach is at my sewing table, creating my own beach made of fabric. Here are a few quick views in different directions yesterday while I was putting the water section together. I started in the afternoon.

Right in front of me is the section I was working on adding pieces to:

Behind that is piles of water prints (I'd just finished with the reef sections):

Above those, taped to the window, is my pattern, with sections in progress pinned to it:

To my left is a mountain of aforementioned reef and fish prints where I tossed them, awaiting refolding:

On the floor at my right are discarded trimmings, which I gathered and binned when I stopped at about 4am:

Back up on the window, this is how it looked at 4am with the sections all pieced, but not yet joined to each other:

And this is Eleanor at the beach last weekend:


Vicki W said...

Your beach is going to be spectacular!

Patty said...

I am so happy to watch this progress. I have just started collecting fabrics and hope to make a beach quilt of my own next year using one of your patterns.