Friday, 5 October 2007

Flash way-back

Is this back far enough? This week's Flashback Friday theme is grandmothers who shared their craft with you. So here is Gran, Mummy's mother, on her wedding day in 1945:
Gran and Grandad met during the war when they were both serving. Their first conversation was an argument about duties!

Not that I really need to go that far back! Here she is on their Diamond (60th) Wedding Anniversary in January 2005:
For the big family dinner, I chauffered tham with 'diamondy' wedding ribbons on the car. I did the same for their 50th, only with gold ribbons (and P plates ;) ). I made them a quilt for their anniversary; a spiralling diamond design, using I-can't-remember-how-many different rainbowing fabrics and seemingly millions of coordinating seed and bugle beads; the last of which were finally stitched in place only a day before the event!

And here she is only a few weeks ago with Eleanor:
As I mentioned in my second ever post , it was Gran who taught me quilting, although since then she has focused on the cross-stitch I taught her in return. She also makes cards, and used to spin and knit.

Here she is holding me in early 1979 (that's strawberry birthmark near my eye; it faded entirely by the time I was about 2):
And here she and Grandad are skiing in 1980. They used to come with us every year, and only gave it up well into their 70s. We even got Grandad on skis again just a few years before he died in 2005, and he was delighted. I've always been really close to them. Gran continues to be busy and active, and just the other day flew to South Africa for a few weeks, where she is meeting up with her sister who still lives in England.


Helen said...

She sounds like an inspirational lady Emma, lovely post about her.

Helen said...

Tagged you too! Details in blog...

Paolo Moschini said...

.. the family it's very very important ..let go on well on this way ..
Smiles from Italy