Thursday, 11 September 2008


I haven't completely forgotten about my blog! I spent a week sorting through photos instead of quilting, and somehow fell out of the habit of blogging! But apart from the 30 or so I want to Photoshop (after Joy comes on Sunday and reminds me how do do everything!) my order of nearly 2000 photos is ready. Although I roughly label and file them on a weekly or even daily basis as I upload them, I hadn't done it properly and updated the albums since last September! I have several large albums filled with pages ready to go - when I next have a chance to have a break in the quliting! And because standard prints are a different proportion from most digital images, I had to crop or resize most of the 2000! I wish somewhere would figure that out and start printing 3x4s!
Success refers to the lovely star fabric here. I used some in a design for a friend's girl, but as the quilt sat unfinished waiting for a photo, I changed my mind about the design, and needed more. I'd bought it before I started buying online, and thought I had no hope, but it was recently found by the Kenai Fabric Center in Alaska of all places, through Missing Fabrics and today it arrived. Now on top of all my other deadlines, I want to get this and her new baby sisters quilt both finished within a month!

I am also continuing my love affair with The Book Depository. I don't believe it is entirely one-sided, as they do quite well out of me! This great UK bookshop has terrific prices, and free worldwide postage. Ideal for those expensive quilt books! Like some of these recent additions to my book stash...

This post is a haphazard catch-up on allsorts, so next up are some photos of my most recent completed project. After finding James with an entire packet of baby wipes stuffed into a box, and learnign that it was a pillow for Bec, I took him straight to my animal prints stash, for him to choose a fabric (smart boy chose pandas!) and whipped up this pillow, stuffed with polar-fleece scraps, in a matter of minutes.I did Eleanor one the same in a penguin print, as one of her favourite toys is a penguin. Here is Bec trying it out and being patted to sleep.

Next is a peek at the border I'm adding to Helen's Round Robin centre.Mine is the last border before it goes back to Helen, and I'm really enjoying this one. Although the design of this was less challenging for me than the last, which I dithered over of ages, machine button-hole stitch applique is new to me , and I was pleasantly surprised how fast it is - though I've yet to do some of the tighter curves!
And last is James as a 'Ligon' (Tiger) and on the big ferris wheel, and with Simon and Eleanor wathing the fireworks at the Royal Adelaide Show on Tuesday.
I promise not to leave it as long next time...


LittleWhiteDove said...

Yay on finding the fabric - it's a lovely pattern!

And the border looks great, can't wait to see the final result.

The Humming Cat said...

Eleanor looks so much like her daddy!