Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Sometime over summer, my brother-in-law's mother-in-law (who I do know quite well) asked me if I'd take on a quilting job; her neighbour (I think) had pieced a queen-size top years ago, and just wanted it finished. I agreed, and they brought it up one night to discuss options (and consume Baileys and chocolate!). She already had the backing, and I got the batting immediately.

From the start I knew to would be a while before I got around to it; I already had several looming deadlines. Then I ordered my new machine, and it seemed silly to tackle such a big quilt on my old machine when I had one with so much more space on the way. Then there were the frustrations with the machine, and some smaller projects. Now I feel I'd better get on with this.
In three hours tonight, I've pieced the back (you can see a little of it folded over at the top right) pressed the lot, and sandwiched and pinned it all. And discovered that it is really a large king-size quilt!


Beena said...

I think with some Baileys and chocolate, I could be persuaded to do almost anything! LOL

Please post pics after you've quilted this pretty top!

AJ said...

Woah Emma that is massive! Good luck!

Kathleen said...

its awfully pretty emma...i guess there was no baileys while you were working on it for those three hours LOL ..wouldn't want to risk getting it wrong!

Can't wait to see it..i have a soft spot for medallion quilts