Tuesday, 16 June 2009


After my big whinge last night, and some helpful responses both here and from the SCQuilters, I'm starting to think the machine might be ok after all, and I really do need just to adjust to it better! I had only a few instances of skipped stitches tonight, and finished the quilting on this wallhanging. This photo was taken at an angle to show the quilting from the back. It's yet to be trimmmed and bound, and I'm mulling over a name.
I've decided to keep it for myself, and am only posting peeks, because I'm considering entering it in the SA quilt show this November.
My quilting still needs plenty of practice (click on a photo to scrutinise more closely!), but only a month ago, I wouldn't have imagined I could achieve this, so I'm happy again.


Margaret aka Supermom said...

It's really nice. I've seriously wanted to try quilting like that. How big is it? Looks like that takes a ton of thread :-)

Kelly said...

It looks amazing! I can't wait to see all of it!

Cascade Lily said...

Great 'McTavishing' Emma. PMSL. Now I know what that means. You should definitely enter it in the show. It looks like it would really pop off the wall!

Gina said...

It looks fabulous

love and hugs Gina xxx