Friday, 19 June 2009


Here's the next McTavished applique wallhanging. I've decided an appropriate name for it is Obsession!
These photos were again taken inside, in the wee hours of the morning. I might get outside tomorrow with a stack of quilts and photograph them properly if the weather stays fine. After machine appliqueing using clear monofilament, I first quilted closely around all the applique, something I should have done on the last one. Then I got stuck into the McTavishing. Lots of good practice. I prefer the way the quliting radiates out with the design of the first quilt, but I'm happy with this, too.
And I'm happy to report almost no skipped stitches. I had stocked up on quilting needles, but am going to have to go and get the embroidery ones (with the larger eye) as that's the one that seems the most effective. There was one in the selection that came with the machine, and it's not going to last long at this rate!
I'm preparing the binding for these two. I have what would appear to be the perfect stripe (in terms of colours) for this one, but it just doesn't work, so I'm going with one of the fairy frosts. I'm also taking Simon's comments on board, and am adding a narrow flange peeper border of another fairy frost as I go - I hope I can keep it even. I'm suspicious that fairy frosts mightn't be the easiest to handsew down on the back, but I hope I don't have too much trouble, as the other is being bound in another colour of the same!


Beena said...

This is beautiful! I love the colorful design against your "white on white" McTavish quilting.

I love the frost fairy fabrics. But they do seem a little heavier in weight than some other fabrics. But still, I don't imagine it will be too heavy to hand stitch through on your binding...but I do all mine by machine. I bet it will look gorgeous.

Margaret aka Supermom said...

They are not hard to sew as long as it's not a glitter one. BUT, I did use a Holiday glitz red on the back of a quilt last week and it was a BEAST to machine quilt. There was way too much friction. You shouldn't have trouble on the binding though.


Beautiful. I love the McTavishing quilting. Lovely quilt.


Sarah at Quiltalong said...

Really gorgeous, you must have put so much time into this. The texture is dreamy.