Wednesday, 17 June 2009


I've settled on a layout (this was my favourite, and it seemed a popular choice, though they all got votes) but a comment from Margaret prompted me to audition several backgrounds other than white-on-white. I want to use white-on-white because I'm desperate to do more McTavishing...
... but this is awfully effective:
So I'm putting it aside while I consider a) how I might quilt the second option and b) another design I can McTavish! What do you think?


Margaret aka Supermom said...

I really meant that I (and it's my opinion, which is likely not shared with too many), that it may look nice on an ivory, which can still be McTavished. Ivory has many of the benefits of white, without being so starkly bright.

Beena said...

You can make more than one, you know! I like this against the second background. Why not make another one in very bright fabrics, slip them under a sheer white cotton batiste, and "shadow trapunto"? Karen McTavish talks about shadow trapunto in one of her books. But you can also get some info right amongst the blogs. Geta does beautiful shadow trapunto and has some tutorials on her blog, and I'm giving you her link: