Friday, 30 April 2010

Electric Quilt 7

The Electric Quilt company is shortly releasing EQ7, and I can't wait!

I bought EQ5 years ago, and use it to design most of my quilts. I love it! I lusted after the EQ6 upgrade a few years ago, but was still learning even more things EQ5 could do, and invested in further fabric instead. I don't mean to suggest it's hard to use - in fact the opposite is true - but every now and then I think of something else I want to try, and look it up. But only a few months ago I was thinking I really was ready to upgrade, and decided it probably wouldn't be too long until EQ7, and I'd wait. It seems that was a smart move!

Even though I'm still learning more of what EQ5 can do, I can see that EQ7 has some amazing new functionality to make quilt design easier, faster, and lots more fun.

Below is a selection of quilts I designed solely in EQ5:


Joan said...

You have designed some beautiful quilt ther..I have EQ6 - but its really not mastered...I like to TRY to get ideas up, but I do struggle with it moslty. I will try NOT to think of EQ7...Oh my gosh!

Anonymous said...


Love what you have designed in EQ. You definitely deserve the upgrade!

Judy B