Monday, 26 April 2010

Hello Hoot

In the absence of other household members last night, I stayed up until 4am piecing the owls for my current quilt. Most of the quilt will use Hushabye, Eva and Twiggy, but I threw in a few browns and neutrals (all so easy to locate now!) for the owl, although his forehead beak and wings are all a deep eggplant from Eva, and the branch from Eva matches this beautifully.
I'm not sure yet how I'll do the eyes. Last time I made these owls, I embroidered the eyes by hand, but this will be a used bed quilt, and I think they need to be more durable than that, so I'm mulling over machine techniques.

I've been trying to blog them all day, but had trouble uploading the photo. I've now almost finished the next set of animals, too.

1 comment:

Chris said...

I love the fabrics you selected for the owls. The breast looks like real feathers.