Sunday, 11 April 2010

Fancy Feathers

A couple of weeks ago when The Quilt Show had free episodes on their website, I came across Linda Taylor and her amazing Fancy Feathers. I admit I watched the show about 3 times, and paused umpteen times, trying to draw out her inspirational feathers.
I was left with several A4 pages of feathers, which are now taped to the wall by my sewing machine, and have continued to doodle more feathers in any spare moments, creating my own designs and practising hers.

While I was in Perth, I collected a quilt top from Adds. Having repaired it and re-prepped it for quilting, I'm now quilting fancy feathers all over it. It's probably not the ideal top for this, because too much of the detail gets lost in the prints, but Adds has given me free-reign, and it's wonderful practice. The advantage is that the prints also disguise my beginner efforts!
This technique is quite thread-intensive. I've emptied nearly 3 bobbins so far, and can see me getting through about 8 in what is really only a small lap quilt. I did warn that it would be heavily quilted, but hadn't realised just how heavily until I got into it. I'm guessing there won't be much left on the new 1300m spool of pale green Aurifill I started!
Click on each of the images to see more detail - it's hard to photograph!
It's a bit slow-going, partly because of the amount of quilting, but also due to the pauses while I decide on the pattern for each feather. This will take a few days to finish.


Joan said...

Emma - couldnt resist having a peek at your blog...its 1.40am here...and I MUST go off to bed...BUT your quilting is terrific. Two questions...where do you get your Aurophil thread, and can I watch this show too? Somehow? ♥

Beena said...

Very cool feathers, Emma! I really like the one with the hearts!

Quilts on Bastings said...

Fabulous feathers! I agree with you, I also tend to stand back and watch what I have quilted deciding what to quilt next - it can be very time consuming.

The Humming Cat said...

It looks fantastic! The close up pics are amazing, and to think I had trouble just stitching in the ditch!!

What Comes Next? said...

lovely! and oh so very inspiring! Is any of it marked, or just as the mmod hits, go for it style? (my favourite - definitely not a marker here!)

Linda said...

I've taken a Linda Taylor workshop and learned a lot. She taught on a longarm machine, but her methods are effective for domestic machine quilters. It's always about practice, practice, practice isn't it? Glad you found the perfect quilt for practicing.