Saturday, 24 December 2011

Font and quilting

I've been busy quilting the last few evenings, but until tonight it's been quilting in the ditch around all the applique. With a tree, 7 blossoms, 21 leaves, a bird and 10 letters to go around, that took a while. It's not much to show on a blog though - despite the enormous but subtle benefit to the overall look of the finished quilt!

(appliqued bird prior to quilting)

But this evening I've quilted a quote and a couple of birds in a contrast thread (pinky-lavender machine-embroidery thread), fun free-hand feather plumes coming from the birds' tails in a lightly-contrasting thread (pale pink BottomLine), and a chunk of the background (cream BottomLine), using the swirls/triple-paiselys/double-feather-trios pattern I used recently.

And for the curious, the font I used for the applique is:

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The Humming Cat said...

Well its no creaming soda font but I do like it ;-)