Friday, 2 December 2011

Perfect isn't always perfect

or Why I always audition fabrics

I recently snapped-up 5y of a long-sought Amy Butler stripe from Ginger Bliss. When it arrived this week, I knew it was the perfect binding for the quilt I'm woring on. This evening I finished the quilting, trimmed the quilt, and laid it out with the perfect binding. But it wasn't perfect. So I laid the quilt out with the dark blue I'd always planned to use for the binding, knowing that would be spot-on. But it was dull.

So I pulled out the two pinks from the quilt top and tried them. And they were right. The lighter one was nice, but the darker one just sang. But was I willing to use so much of my remaining piece of it - since I'm actually meant to be saving my Farmer's Market for a quilt for us one day? Yes. Because it's perfect.

And if I can find a little extra motivation this evening, I'll get it machined on and ready to hand-sew while Eleanor has her swimming lesson tomorrow morning. Activity (both quilting and blogging) has been low this week. The late nigths have caught up with me and I've had a few early nights and a few lazy ones. As tends to be the case for me, when deadlines are getting impossible, something snaps, and productivity temporarily halts - so that the ultimate panic can be twice as intense! This quilt is overdue to the magazine editor. Then I need to finish one quilt and make another from scratch (the plans in my head are gradually getting simpler and simpler for that one!) within 2 weeks, plus I have a new commission to work on which should get done ASAP, and I suspect a single bed quilt is being expected for Christmas. HELP!


M-R said...

I hear you, Emma! You sound a lot like me. And if you are like me, you will manage to do it all in the end, bending time to your will. You, however, will do it much better than me! Make your list, prioritize it, and start working away at it, one thing at a time. Before you know it it will be done. And whatever isn't, was never meant to be. You can do it! Oh, and a glass of wine helps too! :)

M-R said...

Oh. And warn everyone that if they get in your way or make things more complicated or difficult, you'll put them on the naughty list. :)