Wednesday, 7 December 2011

More applique

I'd like to file a complaint with the part of my body which thought it was ok to fall victim to a cold - I really don't have time for it! So I'm dosed up on cold and flu medication and doing a bit more applique.

These black shapes are at least faster than the white ones, simply becasue the individual applique stitches aren't visible, so they don't have to be so perfect. For once, I'm willing to live with that! I've sewn on four, and have another eight to go - I really would like them all done this evening, but I'm making no promises! I can't say I'm enjoying the applique on this one, but I am really looking forward to quilting it; apart from outlining the appliques to smooth the edges, it will be an allover that I've been wanting to quilt for a while, and keep finding myself doodling.


Margaret said...

The applique is looking most intrigueing! I am also amazed that you have a see, for us in the US, it's normal to have colds this time of year (aka "winter"!), but when May rolls around, I am typically good to go until September or October. Well wishes~

Kathy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how your going to quilt this one, I really like the applique designs!
Sorry your not feeling well, especially at this busy time of year!

M-R said...

Poor you! I hate getting sick too. Your quilt is looking wonderful, Emma. Very cool appliqué motif!