Sunday, 4 December 2011

Slow applique

I've started appliqueing these terrific shapes to my quilt top, but the swirls make them really tedious (hence the listing of quilts on Etsy last night; I was procrastinating!). I'm rethinking the terrific-ness of my applique design now!

There are only the four white pieces, but a dozen black ones await, so I've had a productive day of photographing quilts and not appliqueing! I've used nearly a whole roll of wide doube-sided tape photographing 3 decent size quilts, and if I'm organised enough, I will have another few to photograph on Tuesday, so had better get some more tape. I use a combination of carpet tape (expensive and super-sticky to cut and handle, but wonderfully strong to support the weight across the top of heavy quilts) and 1in-wide Sellotape brand to keep the rest fo the quilt squared and flat against my photographing wall.

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