Friday, 16 December 2011

Kindy Christmas concert

Yesterday evening was the Kindergarten Christmas concert. It's held in the native garden at the kindy, and was a lovely evening for it; still comfortably warm when we left at 7.30. I didn't get any good photos of Eleanor in the concert, although I did get some nice (and at times amusing) footage of her singing. Unfortunately she wasn't too well and had just woken from a nap bafore we went, and she yawned spectacularly through the entire thing!

I spent the hour or so prior to the concert madly sewing the labels onto the teachers' quilts. I decided some time ago that they'd get one quilt each to cover both James and Eleanor, and have been working on them through the year. The director is doing a teacher exchange through 2012 with a Canadian teacher, so I needed to have hers ready as a Christmas gift rather than a last-child-leaving-kindy gift, and figured I'd gift them all at the same time - if nothing else, it's cleared 3 decent sized quilts from my sewing room!

They were all really well-received. I tried to pick appropriate colours based on their clothing and accessory choices - a bit fo a risk, but I think I got it right. Top is the director receiving hers, which I called Maple Syrup in a nod to her coming year in Canada. Next is the teacher (and next year's director) with Mother of Pearl, which luckily arrived back from Australian Patchwork and Quilting just 3 days ago, and which I finally photographed properly only yesterday morning! (blog post to come). And below is the other staff member, with Building Blocks, which I chose because of her fondness for bright colours. The name seemed to suit a kindy teacher's quilt!


Linda said...

How generous you are with your hard work! I hope each of those educators appreciates your design skill, and sewing and quilting talent. You're so gifted!

Kelly said...

Makes me want to become a teacher = )