Saturday, 31 December 2011

In and around the tree

I've been working on a commissioned tree quilt (the one with the possum) for a couple of weeks. It's now all quilted and ready to be bound, and here are a couple of peeks. I'm hoping to get it bound tomorrow (well, today really!) as my last finish of 2011.

I used the same background quilting as on my last few quilts - the paisley/swirl/feather combination. But for added interest, in contrast thread there's a small quote ('love is everything' - I've no idea of the source, or of the particular significance, it was just a request) and a couple of birds. Later I'll show the plumes of freehand feathers coming from the birds' tails - a very subtle effect, but one I really like.


Gingini said...

I love the lovetheme in the quilting! Good idea! :)

3anklebiters said...

i've been watching this come together and it is wonderful!