Monday, 22 October 2007

All about Eleanor

This week it is Eleanor's turn. Eleanor is now a little over 3 months old, and at her last weigh was 5.64kg.
Her latest achievement is rolling over. On Sunday she did it for the first time, and suprised us by being able to roll from her front to her back to both the left and the right. I recall James could only go one way for a while. She seems quite unfussed by this, although content to be on her back where it's easier to see what is happening around her.

And yes, while I was taking this series of photos, she wee'd on her quilt, which has been washed and is now drying on the airer!

She gives us lots of smiles, especially in the 10-15 minutes after a feed, when she loves to lie in my arms or be held sitting on my knees and smile and chat. She's quite a talkative little thing now that she has worked out how to make noises more easily.

She really watches what is going on around her - usually James running past! She will lie content on her change-mat on the change-table for hours (and I've spent a lot of time standing there with her!) I can move the mat around, but apparently it's not the same!

She went through a stage of being really hard to settle in the evenings, and I was up until about 2am each morning for a week. But she seems to have got over that with just a night of two of us being tough and letting her cry for a couple of minutes. Now she's back to settling herself as long as she's calm. She generally goes down at about 9.30 for the night, and usually sleeps until about 7.30, although the last few nights have involved quick early morning feeds. She also fed about every 2 hours on Saturday, so I suspect it may be another growth-spurt!

Below is a bit of gallery of the last week or so:

Snuggled up against a quilt I was in the middle of binding on Sunday:

Mid-week while she was especially cheery...

...and being given a hand by James!And today's special photo session - I try and do this every few weeks. 'They' say you always have less photos of second and subsequent children, but I can't see that happening here; partly because I'm getting better at coming up with ideas for photos, partly because the camera is always out, and partly because, as Simon told me, I'm obsessed with photos! Anyway, for this series of photos, I remembered a large piece of gorgeously soft fake fur remaining from making a friend's costume several years ago. I think she liked the feel of it - I do!


Austy's Mum said...

Aaawww!!! She is SO adorable Emma! What a gorgeous little smile, I love that first pic on the fur, and am dying for a cuddle! Your D9P quilt is looking fantastic too - I hope I can get to see it IRL soon.

Kylie said...

You don't need me to tell you what a gorgeous baby girl you have. My favourite picture would have to be the last one, something about the look on her face...

Corrie said...

oh she is beautiful! love all her chubbiness and your photos are much better than any studio portraits people pay for (ok I paid for!)

she's gorgeous!