Saturday, 13 October 2007

Late Flashback

Flashback Friday became Migraine Friday here, but I had the handmade theme photos scanned ready, so here it is, just a bit late!
This is my bedroom wall covered with the current selection of artwork. Taken in February 1984, so I would have been 5. Love that wallpaper!

And here I am on the right in front of the cubby Daddy made for me, having handmade a range of jewellery and fans my friend and I were obviously planning to sell. To whom, I'm not quite sure! I suspect the piece of paper hangin form the top of the window was a price-list, pity I can't read it!
This friend and her father both share the same birthday as me. So do two of the girls in my EB November 2005 Parents' group! Popular day!

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