Thursday, 18 October 2007

Flashback Friday - Grandad

After last week's flahback about Gran, I was thinking of dedicating a post to Grandad anyway, so was delighted with this week's theme. I was always really close to Mummy's parents, and still miss Grandad. He died in February 2005, just after their diamond wedding anniversary, and around the time I fell pregnant with James. I was really sad I never even got to tell him about his first great-grandchild, but Gran told me recently that maybe that's a good thing, as it would have made him even sadder to go, knowing he wouldn't get to meet him.

Most of my photos are relatively recent this time; I didn't go sifting through my parents' many albums.
Here I am dancing with Grandad at my cousin's wedding in 2004. I recall leaving the dancefloor exhausted!

And at the same wedding, here are Gran and Grandad with all their grandchildren, and most of our partners as well.

This is Simon and Grandad at Perisher Blue in 2003. Gran and Grandad had come to stay with us in Canberra, and I think it was just ebfopre the ski season started. Anyway, most of the lifts weren't running, but there was quite a bit of snow, and some of it groomed, and the Ski Tube was running free. So we went up to Blue Cow and Grandad had a final ski, aged about 80, using Simon's equipment. It was a few years since they had skied, so he did have a few tumbles, but did well and was thrilled by it.

Lastly, here he is in our new spa, in January 2005. He wasn't well by this stage, but that didn't stop him joining in with everything and enjoying himself.

James loves looking at photos, in albums and on the computer, and can recognise most people he sees regularly. He's also starting to recognise photos of Grandad. I hope that when Gran gets back from South Africa in a few weeks, he'll be able to tell her 'Grandad' when he sees a photo of him.

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