Thursday, 4 October 2007

Thursday's Threads

I am still working on the D9P; have bought the extra fabric to finish the borders, and have the backing and binding. That required a few more trips to quilt shops, and an extra 3m added to the stash on top of my current 'requirements'! But this morning I have been cutting more strips for the bright log cabin swap. I should have enough; now I just need to cut the red squares for the centres, and I can start sewing this afternoon.
The last week hasn't seen an much quilting action as it should; my spare time has been sucked into the void that is facebook! No sooner had I reduced my internet use by using bloglines than I find something else to double it in no time flat! I joined thinking it would help keep in touch with some friends; but it seems the idea is to collect a many 'friends' as possible; to the point where you can't keep up with their activities anyway! And then there are the applications - and it seems the idea is to collect as many of those as possible, too! I have bee up into the wee hours of the morning with Eleanor many nights, and between resettling her, have been tapping away instead of cutting and sewing. Oops.

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Helen said...

SNAP Emma! Signed up to Bloglines then got sucked into FB! Argggg!!! Are these the strips for the EB Log Cabin swap??