Tuesday, 16 October 2007

All about James

A few people have mentioned recently that they read this to see what James and Eleanor are up to, rather than my quilting. So first - if you are, post a comment!!! And second, especially for those people, I will make an effort to increase the family content!

Which brings me to my update on James. With less than 2 weeks until his second birthday, James continues to delight, amaze, exhaust and horrify us on a regular basis! He is full of a child's energy that Simon and I only wish we could keep up with.
Here he is earlier tonight; ostensibly while he was at the toilet. He is starting to toilet train himself, and we have had several successes over the last few weeks. But he asks "James tort?" for fun, too. And of course, we can't just say "No". Tonight, as is often the case, he was more interested in having his nappy ("pappy", although he can say it properly if we push) off, and streaking through the house, giggling madly. He is going through a phase of wanting his clothes off, although was quite happy to sit on his potty with his shorts on his head! After this, he turned to diving from the recliner to the sofa, turning a somersault in the process, and scooting around the house on his wooden bike.
These two were taken a couple of weekends ago. I fed Eleanor, then left her home with Simon while James and I went out, just the two of us for a change, to feed the ducks and explore Kensington Reserve. You may have seen an earlier expedition in previous posts here and here. The ducklings had already doubled in size. I've lost track of how many times he has asked "feed ducks?" since then. Usually at night, and I have to tell him they have gone to bed; which seems to satisfy him. But I have a loaf of stale bread (cunningly helped along by James, who bit through the bag before I could put it away!) so another trip may be on the cards for tomorrow.
And here is our budding chef, helping Pop bbq our dinner on Saturday night. Don't you love Nanny's pinny?! Floral, of course!
Next time, Eleanor's turn, but I'll have to find time for another mini photo-shoot first!

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Austy's Mum said...

It must be the weather - Austy wants to streak everywhere now too! Running around yelling "nudey bum!" and giggling his little head off! Funny little guys.

Cute pics - he is certainly asdorable. Those gorgeous blonde locks and deep blue eyes will win many a heart in years to come, and now he has a sister to bring her girlfriends home!