Monday, 15 December 2008

Deja-vu sunset

Until James' birthday, the last time I had my face painted was 20 years ago - almost to the day. I remember it well, because it was just before we went to the Philippines in November 1988. Today I found the photo:
I decided at his party I'd have it done again. With no idea what I wanted, I gave the face painter free-reign to do whatever she liked - but just something small, not my whole face. Imagine my surprise when I saw what she'd done:
What was the chance of this?!


Gina said...


Love and hugs Gina xxx

frankie said...

wow! that is freaky!
looks fantastic emma


Helen said...

Wow! Freaky coincidence! Not the same face painter? LOL

Mothership said...

How bizarre! They both look pretty fab, I must say. I'm a wuss with face painting 'cause I always forget it's there and scratch and muck it all up! :O

Ellie said...

YOu have not changed a bit. I can really see Eleanor in you in those 2 photos as well.