Thursday, 18 December 2008


Only last week I put in a big order at Their fabrics are searchable via, and they have a huge range at good prices. And their service is so good, I have to share! After placing my order, I found another fabric I wanted to add. No problem. Then I wanted to change something else. No problem either! And then they found another fabric I'd been searching for, and offered to squeeze that in my already bulging envelopes. Did I mention their postage is really cheap? They charge actual rates and will squeeze 9y into a flat-rate envelope. Any more and they'd burst!)

Within 10 days of my initial order, the bulk of it had travelled half-way around the world to my doorstep (I'm used to shipments being separated in the post). And when I opened the two envelopes there were little bonuses in each. Have a look at this fantastic tool; it contains mini flat- and phillips-head screwdrivers in 2 sizes!
My order included a selection of beachy prints which will probably go into a baby quilt for my second niece, due in April, some basic snowflakes in white and neutral, restocking Farmers' Market Petal Party, a couple of extras, and a stripe which is already half-attached to a quilt. Mmm, stripy binding.....

Stash = 989m

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