Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Stippling smaller and smaller

Today I had some more fabric arrive; Dance with the Fairies by Elinor Peace Bailey (mother of Heather Bailey) for RJR. They're mostly for a quilt for James' friend Ella, but with lot to spare. Some may go into one of the raffle quilts I'll make for their child care centre next year.

I finished quilting this wedding present. The fine stippling in the background left the compass points very puffy, so I had to quilt them heavily, too. To keep the pointy effect, I did about 8 rows of internal echo-quilting on the larger blue points, and managed to get away without quilting the smaller points.
I used blue thread on the blue, so it stands out on the back - lucky it's fairly neat!
And here's the label, my first circular one!
Photos of the front in daylight tomorrow.
I've also been quilting another fun mystery project tonight. It has even tinier stippling, but this time I knew to expect to need to quilt the border. Quilting shrinks a quilt, and the more of it there is, the more it shrinks. So a heavily quilted centre will leave wavy borders if they're left unquilted, even if it lay flat prior to quilting. I hadn't wanted to quilt over the feature fabric border in the quilt above, but decided I'd better. It actually didn't detract from the print, and has resulted in a much flatter quilt.

A few other fabrics also arrived today, including 4y of a beautiful blue snowflake flannel, which doesn't get counted in the stash. Minus what I used for The Right Direction, Stash = 992m


Little White Dove said...

wowsers, that quilting must have taken ages! Looks great though, can't wait to see the front!

swissmarch said...

Happy New Year!

Helen said...

Only 8 metres to go Em!!