Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Missing - one diary!


My diary has been missing for nearly a fortnight. I'm going berserk without it! Not only does it have all the usual stuff; it has my many lists, including the list of all James' and Eleanor's Christmas presents - and where they all are. Without it, you can be sure I'll find some of the presents when they're about 18! Since it's been gone, I've cleaned the car and house (looking for it all the while) and tonight I've had a thorough sort through the study, where I was sure I'd find it.

So I need your suggestions where to look, please!


Ellie said...

At work
At your parents
At your last appointment when making a new one
In a different handbag
In the nappy bag
Under the seat in your car
In a green shopping bag

And if it is in none of those places I am guessing it will be in the last place you look.

Car said...

Under your bed
Under your sewing machine :)

Hope you find it soon