Monday, 28 September 2009

A bit pleased with my quilting

I've completed the quilting on this and am in the process of attaching the binding. Just quietly, I'm more than a bit pleased with how it went. As usual, click on any of the photos for a closer look.
I feathered the white border either side of the ribbon. It's all completely freehand. As I mentioned the other day, the 1/8in gap between the feathers really works for me - but with more practice I hope to be able to drop the gap eventually.
The background quilting is a design I came up with in my doodling.
Although I used white cotton for the feathers and in the white hearts, the background swirls are actually in a pale pink embroidery thread with a lovely sheen. It's the thread I initially chose for the pink hearts.
And here's some of the quiting from the back.
Initially I did over a quarter of the outer border in big loops, but wasn't happy with the result, so I unpicked it this morning and redid it to match the background - the way I should have in the first place!
I'm kind of regretting putting the purple squares on the back - while it looks ok, it detracts from what is probably my best quilting yet.
The centre:
Once it's finished I'll take it outside for some better photos; it's still lovely and wet here, and these were taken on the sewing table, which gets a lot of natural afternoon light, even in wet weather.


Linda said...

Emma, the quilting on this quilt is exquisite! The feathers are fabulous, and that you stitched them as-you-go is remarkable. You're a FMQer after my own heart. Thanks for sharing with us your inspirational work. Gosh, I may even begin to start looking forward to the FMQing I need to do!

Nadine said...

Truly stunning quilting Emma! Love it all, and so impressed that it's all free hand! Wow!

Bec Clarke said...

Oh my goodness that is amazing, you are amazing, I love looking at your quilts.

The Humming Cat said...

A bit pleased? I'd be estatic, it looks fantastic!!!

Juni said...

That red border looks so gorgeous! The quilting is amazing.. you are so good at doing that!

Me aka Supermom said...

I'm loving the outer border feathers. Did you mark them first? I just cannot believe you did them with the neat space between each!