Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Round Robin border details

As promised, here are some better photos of the borders added to my snowflake round robin centre. Reading through the notes the girls wrote as they sewed, it seems I gave them quite a challenge! I didn't mean to make it so difficult, but they certainly rose to the challenge well anyway!

First Helen added a pieced border using blocks of her own design to echo the crystalline features of the centre and snailtrail corners, all in beautiful sparkly fabrics:

Next AJ added snow-capped mountains in a selection of sparkles and snowflake prints, and some of the background fabric I'd sent:

And last, Joy added the third border, a beautiful combination of piecing...

and applique:

The sparkly snowflakes were appliqued in opposite corners, all in a shimmery silver thread!

I think this is my favourite:


Helen said...

Yessssss, this one was a challenge! I should email you the photos of my first attempt! Remember I did one then had AJ post it all the way back to me so I could unpick it and do it again??

Beena said...

Everyone did such gorgeous work! What a very pretty (and snowy) quilt. So will you be the one finishing this off with the quilting?

Margaret aka Supermom said...

Can't wait to see how you quilt it!

Miaou said...

THat looks lovely! I really like the applique snowflakes.