Monday, 21 September 2009

Royal Adelaide Show 2009

A bit late, but here are the photos from our day at The Show:

An alpaca just for Adds:

When I was little, there used to be lots of tractors to climb on. We could only find 3, and they were huge - but not to be climbed on:
The Firies had a great stand. James tried the 'stop, drop & roll' and when it came to donning a hat and a real (miniature) jacket, they did every child a short video of them sitting in the fire engine!

James and Eleanor on the 'elephanat' ride:

What else could James request but a pink butterfly?!

And our little fairy:

Holding and patting chicks in the Ag Learning Centre; always a favourite:

Meeting an enthusiatic kid:

Earning his tractor licence:

On the ferris wheel:

Beautiful colours as night fell:

An unusually quiet sideshow alley and show rides:

The children's rides:

Straight after our ride, just before dinner:

And after dinner:


Heidi said...

I love the picture of James and the goat "getting him". He has such a great smile going on in the picture. Hopefully it was a "this is funny" smile and not a "omg! this animal is trying to bite me" smile.

Beena said...

Looks like you all had am amazing time! It brought back memories of when my son was that young!

Annie of Blue Gables said...

Thank you for posting those cute pictures. You have two of the most darling children ever. They look a lot like you. I am in love <3
Your fair sounded like so much fun and what fancy face painting!

Cascade Lily said...

Beautiful photos of the kids and the ferris wheel. Eleanor is really growing up!