Saturday, 26 September 2009

Doodling with Intent

I've always doodled during meetings. If I'm not actually doing something, I'll more than likely fall asleep, regardless of my level of interest and even whether or not I'm actually tired. It was only natural that ym doodles would move towards quilt patterns and quiting designs, but since comng across this 365 Days of Free Motion Fillers blog by Leah Day (also a young mother), my doodling has taken on real intent.
(As usual, click for a closer look)
Here is some of what I've produced over the last week or so. Some are mindless, some are trying out Leah's designs, and others are working towards new patterns.

And feathers as usual, because I need as much practice as I can get! I'm actually using some in the borders of my current quilt, and they seem to be going quite well so far. I've planned them so that they flow the way which is most natural for me, rather than purely based on design. It still looks good, plus the execution is passable! I've also found that having the individual feathers about 1/8in apart makes it easier for me to keep them looking consistent, and again, actually looks ok!
Stay tuned for some real quilting tomorrow. And don't forget to check out Leah's blog. I've added a permanent link to her website in the sidebar as well.

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