Monday, 21 September 2009

Flowers for Emma

This is the beautiful quilt I received from Amy at parkcitygirl in round seven of the doll quilt swap (DQS7). I'd been admiring it as it was made and was hoping it was headed this way.
It's just perfect! Amy really paid attention to my likes and dislikes and shrewdly worked out that the addition of white would ensure success. I love the fabric she chose (Swanky by Chez Moi for Moda). I love the design. I really love the touch of sparkle in the beads she added. And I'm awe of the delicate touch of hand quilting.
Thank you again Amy! I am so very pleased that these flowers are for me!
It was a lovely day while I was photographing a few quilts, and this one seemed right at home as it took a tour of the garden before returning inside to its permanent home on my wall.
Bring on DQS8 in the new year!


Eila said...

Really beautiful colors and the wonderful work you've done!

Amy - Park City Girl said...

You are so welcome!! I'm glad that it is at home there with you :)

It's fun to be able to comment here too!

Helen said...

Oh wow Emma! Looks stunning in your garden. Excellent match up of partners I say! Lovely work as always Amy. ;)