Saturday, 15 January 2011

Auction 2

Auction closed, thank you for bidding! If you missed out, I am still available for quilting jobs; feel free to comment or email me with enquiries.

Auction to raise funds for the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal.

This auction is for a semi-custom quilt job on your quilt top up to Single Bed size (please note I do NOT work on a long-arm and anything larger than a Single (Twin) is a major undertaking, although I will enter negotiations if requested. Delivery (I am in Adelaide) and return is at the winner's expense.

May - miniature wholecloth

Images in this post are examples of my quilting - click on any image for more detail.
Detail; back of Hush in the Forest

Conditions: The auction does not include backing and batting, but I can provide wool/botton batting at close to wholesale cost. Backing and batting should be 6-8in larger than the quilt top. The quilt needs to lie flat - if it does not, this will affect the final result. It should also be pressed before sending, and ensure that all seams are secured. I cannot be responsible for gaps in seams or puckers due to quilt tops which are not flat. You do not need to have the quilt top complete to bid - however, when I receive the quilt will affect the turnaround time.
Quilting detail; Lilac Soda

The auction is open to everyone, regardless of whether or not you are in Australia - however, the winner will need to cover postage costs. You do not need to be a blogger to bid, and no sign-up is required to do so, but please ensure I have a way of contacting you if you are the winning bidder.

Detail; Fleathered Flake - wholecloth

I also have a second auction, for a custom-made Tree Quilt - please click here for details and to bid on that.

Quilting detail; Hushabye Stars
How this auction works:

1. Bidding will start at $30 (Australian).
2. You can place a bid by leaving a comment on this blog post with your bid amount and email address. Please make sure that your bid is higher than the previous bidder.
3. Your bid must be in whole dollar increments.

4. This auction is open to everyone, however postage and return is at the winner's expense.

5. The auction begins NOW and will END at midnight on Monday 24th January 2011.

6. At the close of the auction, I will contact the winner (please make sure your bid comment includes your email address). The winner will pay the winning amount directly into the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal and send me proof of payment via email.

7. Once proof of payment has been received, I will contact you to arrange the quilting.

8. We will need to arrange timing - when you get the quilt top to me will affect the turnaround time.

9. Thankyou for participating and happy bidding!
Quilting detail; Nurture

Feel free to ask any questions.

Anyone can host their own auction - for more information click here.

Snow Dance


(Auction closed)


AJ said...

Oh my top isn't finished yet but it would look good with your quilting!


Kirsty said...

Your quilting would finish off my MIL's quilt perfectly.


Leah said...

Your quilting would make anything look good :)


Milly said...

I dont have any quilts in progress but I'm thinking of sending you a plain piece of fabric just so I can have you quilt it. Lol.


Austy's Mum said...

The one thing that keeps me from having finished quilts is the quilting! $90

Anonymous said...

I don't think I could ever make a quilt top that would do your quilting justice!

Nonetheless, I want some of that gorgeous handiwork, so I will bid $100!

Leah said...

Back again....


Anonymous said...


Milly said...

I'll raise that $160

Milly said...

That should say i'll raise that TO $160. Lol.

becanne said...

Although I'm wondering if someone is sitting there waiting to pounce at the last minute...can't beleive it isn't much higher already!

Elizabeth said...

just discover part two of your auction I would like to bid $300 please