Monday, 24 January 2011

Quilting job

This afternoon I sandwiched a customer quilt. I ended up deciding to use the same quilting pattern on this as my last quil, the open freeform feathers. I will do some quilting on the appliques in matching colours (I've already done some fo the red flower in the centre) , but the background is all being done in red bottomline. This coordinates will with most of the fabrics, and will help tone-down that white block - though I'll have to quilt very neatly on that one, as the slightest wobble with stick out like a sore thumb (or finger!).

It's about half quilted so far, and the quilting shows well on the plain red block. I'm also quilting closely around all the applique in th same thread. This will help the applique to stand out on the plain black block, where currently it blends into the background.


Ann Marie said...

Will be watching for a full photo of the completed top when you are finished.

Joan said...

You certainly pack a lot into a dya/night Emma - looks great.