Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The littlest quilter

Eleanor was desperate to get in on the quilting action yesterday, so she hopped up on the chair for a quick go while James had a break. I can see her hassling me until she's old enough to make her own, too!


Ann Marie said...

How adorable. I taught my daughter to paper piece when she was 9, she was a wiz at it, designed her own patterns and everything till summertime came and she got busy with her friends.

Joan said...

Oh - I forgot to say - well done Eleanor!

Mamen said...

Hola, saludos y decir que tienes unos niños guapos y ya hacen patch, que bueno serán artistas en el futuro.
Besitos para los niños y para tí.
Saludos desde España Mamen

Hello, greetings and say you have some cute kids and I do patch, good to be artists in the future.
Kisses for children and for you.
Greetings from Spain Mamen