Monday, 3 January 2011


After Christmas, I designed a swirl quilt pattern and marked it on the quilt. Because of the black and white colouring, I had to mark each one with both blue and white markers to be able to see it all!

I set myself up watching the Boxing Day Test to start quilting, but as the cricket went downhill, so did my health, and I disappeared to bed for a few days.

I've sat at it and done a few bits since, but I have minimal energy, and although it really won't take long and should be done already, it's still waiting for me to finish the quilting!


Joan said...

Emma - what a beautiful lot of quilts you have completed...I wish I could say the same. Your quilting is georgeous. In you snowflake swirls - how did your sew 'the flakes' turned or raw edge...buttonhole or not... Lots of questions. Your work is beautiful - dont know how you do it with two wee beasties :) The black a white will be stunning and I so hope you are recovering from your sickness. Not a nice time to be ill.

frankie said...

oh Emma! Erin loves this and says it's "awesome!" Will this be for sale??