Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Verna Quilt

We've just spent 4 days with Simon's parents at their holiday house. As usual, for me this meant lots of quilting. I took one quilt ready to bind and finished that. I took another quilt just needing a bit of quilting and the binding and finshed that, too. I'll photograph them tomorrow.

Then I started work on a quilt for one of the child care staff using this Verna honeybun. I take over the large dining table - uninterrupted because we eat outside! In the background you can see my machinet, with my makeshift extended quilting surface still 'attached'. It's still a perfect solution.

In 2 days I got the top complete. The top is made using two different length strips of pieces of Verna - the two lengths match James' and Eleanor's current heights, and the quilt will be called 'Growing'. As well as the strips shown here, it has a plain and a pieced border.

This quilt is in the quilting queue to finish once I've complete my current quilt, and a customer quilt.

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Anonymous said...

I think this quilt is wonderful.