Tuesday, 5 February 2013

James' 4th quilt

It had been on the go for over six months, but just in time for Christmas James finished his latest quilt.

He loved the Spot fabric when we first saw it, and quickly asked if he could get some to make a quilt for his cousin Edward's teddies. It's abut 26in square.

James had some input into the design and choosing the additional fabrics. He did all the pinning and piecing (on my original Pfaff), but I cut the quilt and assisted with the pressing. Once I'd sandwiched it and started it off around the edges, he basted it with the curved safetly pins. We quilted it together (on the 820) with a stipple and I bound it.

He was thrilled to give it to Edward on Christmas Day.

Now he's keen to start on his fifth quilt. He's decided to paint his own fabric for it, and we've designed it together. Once I've worked out the requirements, we'll do the painting.


CitricSugar said...

Ok - that's kind of amazing! How awesome is it that he's interested - one, does a lot of the work himself - two, and keen to do more - three!

I applaud you for the way you're nuturing his interests and gifts!

LynCC said...

How fantastic for him to make a quilt for his little cousin! :) This really makes me smile - both his interest in your vocation, and the fact that you guys have done this together for the 4th time. :)

Frances Arnold said...

Love the photo of Edward clutching the special gift!! Well done James!!