Saturday, 2 February 2013


In the last few days I've finally been able to make a start on my DQS13 quilt. When I first saw my partner's likes, I was stumped, because there were everything my quilts are not, and I knew I'd have to start thinking creatively. My first step was to let it mull around my head for a while without seriously thinking about it - and discuss with my online quilting group. Eventually I started sketching. By this stage, I recall that my design was influenced by Milly's comments, but I don't know how much of my idea came from her, and how much from me!

(sandwiched, quilted around the edge, and the first lot of guidelines drawn)

It's a wholecloth quilt made of soft linen and is just waiting to be filled with free motion quilting. My design is based on the idea of different sized lace doilies and was partly inspired by this gorgeous mini I found on Flickr which somehow managed to take a colour combination I don't usually like (but my partner does) and twist it into something I'd be happy to quilt. With the hours I pour into my quilts, I couldn't stand to be staring all that time at something I disliked!

The guidelines are just there to keep my circles round and quilting patterns relatively even. I'm making the patterns up as I go, doing a few 'rounds' in one colour, then swapping threads. I could probably do with a slightly heavier solid white; the one above is a 30wt cotton (Madeira Cotona), but heavier would definitely be better.

After adding a couple of aqua threads (40wt Superior trilobal poly and 40wt Madeira metallic), it's starting to come to life, though it still needs a lot more filling. The guidelines have already faded - I use a Sewline air erasable pen and the marks vanish in a couple of hours on this fabric and the current conditions.

Although the first doily is not yet complete, I was keen to start another. This one's not so big, but more of it is visible. In this one you can see the cranberry colour I'm also using (40wt Rainbows Superoir trilobal poly), and I've tried a different white thread (Glide), in some places quilting twice over the same lines to further emphasise them. I think I'll do more of this. I also have a heavier, sparkly white thread (Superior's Razzle Dazzle) which I'll add later as bobbinwork.

I'm linking up for the first timewith Leah's FMQ Friday.

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Quiltin' Jenny said...

This is so gorgeous! Your ideas never cease to amaze me. I can't wait for the big reveal when it is done.