Friday, 15 February 2013

Quick feathers

Last week I did a quick allover feather on this cute little baby quilt for my best customer.

The gorgeous fabric quilted up beautifully and I did all the quilting in a single sitting - probably not ideal from an OHAS perspective (though I did pause to stretch a few times) but very satisfying!

It's quilted in a pale aqua Glide thread, with matching Bottomline on the back. I used my favourite, open meandering feather design, which I'm able to stitch out very smoothly and consistently with so much practice, and its flexibility makes it very forgiving on almost any quilt (not that there were any issues with this one - just saying...).

Linking up with Leah's FMQ Friday...


Quiltin' Jenny said...

I love this feather design! It makes this cute quilt extra special.

I'm in awe of your FMQ. I've been reading your blog in google reader for awhile and always assumed you were a longarmer until I recently started visiting the site through Leah Day's FMQ Fridays.


Kitchener Quilter said...

Love your double line meandering feather look, must try that, since I don't really want to try the classic feathers you usually see. But I like the look of yours. Really works nicely on your quilt. I think I could do that! Thanks for posting such a good photo of your work.

Anonymous said...

The quilting is wonderful! When we get in a groove, it's easy to not realize the hours that pass....until you try to straighten out and stand up! : )