Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Directly overhead

Tonight you get a bit of everything.
At my parents' house this afternoon, this helicopter was literally circling overhead, much to James' delight. We found out that after a high-speed chase across town, the driver ran off, and while being chased on foot somehow doubled-back and nicked-off in the police car, torching it not far from my parents' place. He then took off again, last seen running through my old high school (about 500m away) and therefore directly towards my parents' house. While watching the helicopter from the back balcony, we saw an unmarked police car drive slowly up the driveway and back, and by the time we came home an hour or so later, there were police at every corner, and unmarked cars all over the place. He was eventually caught later in the evening, seeking treatment for burns at RAH!
I've been working on stars this evening - very fiddly, but the sections I showed last night are all joined into half-stars. I've completed one for my own satisfaction - and love it! I ended up trying a new way of avoiding sewing the foundation papers into tight folded corners, and it seems to have worked really well; sew 2 sections together as usual, but when joining pairs of sections, fold the seam allowance back, sew to the seam, then backstitch a short way. Then trim, press the seam open, and stitch the 2 halves (each 4 sections) together, doubling back over the centre before continuing.
This morning, after delivery of another birthday parcel for James, some more fabric arrived for me. Some bright blues, because I have a lot of blues, but not many bright:
Fresh greens for a quilt for James' favourite child carer who's recently moved to Queensland:
Some aquas for a very special project:
Some backing for another very speical project:
And 6 repeats of this panel to use with my 'One Block Wonders' book:
Stash = 945m.

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Jo said...

that panel fabric is so beautiful - I can't wait to see what you do with it.