Friday, 10 October 2008

Not quite quilting

Tonight I've been finishing writing the instructions for Evening Indulgence. It's due at Australian Quilters' Companion in a week; I'm guessing it will be published early next year - you'll know when it is!!!

But writing isn't the same as sewing, and I'd much rather be working on these:

So instead I'll show you what could be the last delivery here for a little while. With the Aussie dollar plunging against the US$, ordering online isn't so cost effective just now. I'd like it back up in the 90s again SOON, please?!
Filling out my Farmers' Market collection, some of Anna Maria Horner's Garden Party, and a nice dark swirl:

Stash = 928m.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm dropping James and Eleanor with Mummy for a few hours. I'm going to have a quick look at scooters for James' rapidly approaching 3rd birthday, then head to Joy's to help her sandwich Austy's quilt (I know how hard it is with a big belly!) and hopefully get her started on quilting it.

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