Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Really Really Big Plane

When I heard Qantas would be in and out of Adelaide Airport for a few weeks doing training flights in their A380, the biggest passenger jet in the world, I promised James we'd go and see it. It took a bit of internet trawling to find the times, although the dates were readily accessible. After a failed attempt when the flight was cancelled, we got to see it early this evening. Admittedly it was late, so we spent from 5.30 -7.15pm at the airport viewing area - after landing there's a 25 minute wait while the brakes cool before it takes off again (I read somewhere that they need to be cooled just in case the take-off is aborted and they're needed straight away). It wasn't the most ideal time with small children, but we were running out of opportunities, they don't go to bed early anyway, and Simon is away tonight, so couldn't look after Eleanor. Luckily Eleanor was pretty cooperative, and I'd brought plenty of food and drinks to keep them going!
Every jet prompted the question, "Is that the REEEALLY REEEALLY big one?" which made me think, for him it wasn't much different to any other plane! Although he definitely enjoyed it - and the opportunity to see lots of other take-offs and landings while we waited! Standing with his head out the sunroof was another rare treat!
Now he wants to fly in the thing...
Oh, and I finished quilting this quilt tonight; just the binding and label to go. The recipient's baby sister will be arriving via c/s tomorrow, so her's is vieing for next priority along with 2 swap quilts.


Kylie said...

I think I've mentioned it before somewhere, but I really, really love that quilt. Love the colours, pattern, everything.
Glad the kids liked the plane. My kids love going to the airport!

Margaret aka Supermom said...

Being a mechanical & aeronautical engineer, I'm nearly as drawn to the great airplane pictures as I am the quilting!! Thanks for showing; maybe someday I will get to fly on one-

Duyvken said...

what a great mum! And the quilt is beautiful.

Cascade Lily said...

Wow Emma that quilt is STUNNING.

Look at James's face! Priceless.