Saturday, 18 October 2008

EBDQS Peek 1

Here's the bottom part of the quilt I'm making for the Second EBDQS. Inspired by Gina, I had some fun with PhotoShop! I've put in a couple of hours on design, but tonight was my first go at actually mkaing it, and this only took a few hours - plus half an hour playing with effects in PS! I hope to get the top part done tomrrow - and have fun distorting that for you, too!


Car said...

Oh my - I looked at the photo and thought 'how the heck did she do that' then I read you PS'd it - feel like a dimwith now :)

Looks great BTW

Louise said...

I was so impressed with the ripple effect too LOL I was peering at it trying to work out how you had managed to sew it like that :)

Gina said...

Be careful. Playing with photo distortions can be very addictive.LOL

Love and hugs Gina xxx