Wednesday, 8 October 2008

From UFO to WIP

I started this quilt a couple of years ago and quickly got to this point. But the mum whose (then!) baby it was for never managed to email me a photo, which we'd agreed to put on the front, and if suimerged deeper and deeper into my quilting stuff. I sneakily obtained the perfect photo a couple of months ago, and have been spurred on by the imminent arrival of the recipient's baby sister and upcoming third birthday, to make a quilt for each.
It's actually more purple than the rather blue photo shows, and the segments are all roughly pinned in place on the paper I used to design the layout. I still need to do the last 3 foundation-pieced segments (the odd-shaped gaps) I need to complete, and where the 6 piles of pieces are pinned on square gaps (on-point) will be 8-point stars made of a black fabric featuring purple stars, on backgrounds to blend with the rest of the background (the aforementioned pieces). The large on-point square space in the dark section will have her photo. Her little sister's quilt is using a version of the another design I came up with while designing this.

Today we made what seems to be our regular Tuesday visit to our favourite LQS, where we bumped into Joy and her boy! James and Austy proceeded to shriek and squeal with delight and chase each other around the shop - fortunately they're VERY child-friendly and understanding, though of course Joy and I did our best to control them whilst also shopping and dealing with Eleanor (me) and a large bump (Joy!).

I came home with:

Fabric for both sisters' quilts: (The two at the bottom are 1.5m lengths for the backings - free as part of the shop's loyalty program!!!)
Fabric for another quilt on the design-board:
And a few in case:
Stash = 921m (most of today's purchases are going straight into quilts)
(PS - why did blogger rotate these 3 photos?!)

This morning my huge 1700+ photo order was delivered, along with a few items from the Pink Ribbon Shop supporting National Breast Cancer month. A couple fo items didn't quite fit properly, so I put them aside as presents, and reordered different sizes today - along with a cite top for Eleanor! I wore the pink tshirt today though. I did get James to take a photo, but although he miraculously got me all in frame and in focus(!) it was less than flattering to say the least, so it's not here!

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